Peter & Heidi CoatesPeter and Heidi (that’s us) came up with the idea of our Grok Bites during the spring of 2015, initially in West Wales, UK, then brought the little critters into the world in the Hudson Valley later in the summer.

Like so many other people these days, we had a strong awareness that we wanted to both eat more healthily and offer our children alternatives to the sugar-laden snacks so prevalent in the daily routine.

But let’s face it, we all love sweet tasty treats. And there are times when a few sticks of celery and a carrot simply can’t replace one of those bars that tempt us all in the stores.

Grok Bites taste a whole lot naughtier than they actually are. Yet they contain no artificial sweeteners of any kind. Their yumminess comes only from natural ingredients. Even the chocolaty ones contain only natural unsweetened cacao powder – itself a superfood.

Whilst we’re not recommending that you try it, we feel that it would probably be possible to live on Grok Bites. We hope that you’ll enjoy eating them as much we have creating them, in a spirit of fun, with perhaps a little pinch of salt….