We use the finest natural ingredients to create our gourmet raw fruit and nut bites. With no added sugars or artificial anything, these handmade gems provide the perfect snack for boosting energy, and taste a whole lot naughtier than they really are!
Our bites are proudly made by hand in the Hudson Valley, NY.
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verb \ˈgräk\

grokked grok·king
Definition of GROK
transitive verb:  to understand profoundly and intuitively
Grok, the word was originally used by Robert Heinlein in his 1961 novel, Stranger in a Strange Land.

We currently offer eight variations on the theme:

Chocwork Orange
Nutty Expressor
Ma Cha Cha
Purple Rain

Jalapeno Surprise
Verry Berry
The Tropix
Cherry Orchard